Garden Turfing

Everyone wants their gardens to be green, lush and perfect.  We are highly experienced specialist and work with turf from Grasslands Turf Farm in Kent. We tend to work with ‘Rysport’ a hard durable turf.

When is the best 
time of year to lay a new lawn? 

Anytime,although it will root slower in the winter months.  The warmer months are better but you must remember to water new turf regularly.


I have a new laid lawn.  How long should I keep off it? 

It is important to keep off it for the first few weeks or if you have to walk on it, wear flat shoes. Be careful not to create any dents as they will stay!


How often should I feed my lawn to keep it looking good? 

A feed with a suitable spring lawn fertiliser to boost nature’s own ‘spring effect’ is advisable.  You
may wish to follow this with a further half dose in the Summer.  An autumn feed could also be beneficial.  Please ensure you apply the correct formula by following the instructions carefully.


Do I have to water the lawn in the dry summer months? 

A well established lawn should survive a hot summer however make sure enough water is applied and allow it to soak into the roots.


When can I mow my new lawn? 

Depending on the season, during cold months, your new lawn might not need mowing until Spring,  In warmer months, it might need a trim after 2-3 weeks.  Do not mow new turf too short in the first season, it is advisable to let it really establish and then lower the blade little by little.

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