We make bespoke Pergolas to suit your needs.  Pergolas are a great addition to any patio and can be designed to fit most shapes and sizes. These wooden structures are often used to support attractive climbing plants, providing shade and fragrance to your patio.

Why have a pergola?

 A pergola can provide an open-topped canopy for an outdoor eating area or walkway.  They can provide shade and illuminate an area with additional colour.  When planted with the right flowering climbing plants, they can become extremely attractive structures in your garden.  They are made from timber uprights with crossbeams and laterals at the top.  Small or larger gardens can benefit from a pergola as they can be designed to suit any shape or size of space.


What climbing plants are suitable?

Any strong growing climbing plants are an ideal choice for a pergola.  a Clematis requires a minimum of pruning.  Flowering honeysuckles and rambling roses are also a popular choice.

Here are some suggestions of climbers suitable for a pergola:

Lonicera periclymenum


How to plant and train climbers on a pergola

 With larger pergolas it is advisable to plant two climbers at the base of each upright.  These could be a clematis or honeysuckle with a rose to provide some support for the other.  It is a good idea to add in some compost or well-rotted manure prior to planting and remember to thoroughly water in.  Cut back any spindly stems to within approximately 15 cm of the ground to encourage shooting from the base.

Angle the climber towards the support and use small garden canes if necessary to bridge the gap.  Wire mesh can be used up the pillar and tie the shoots to these as they group.  This will train the shoots straight up the posts or spiral the shoots around the posts.  Continue to tie new shoots to the uprights and crossbeams until the pergola has a good covering ensuring you cut back any overlong shoots.

Maintaining my climber

 Overgrown plants can be renovated In the early spring or if there is no new growth, cut back one or two main stems.  This will stimulate basal growth.  If climbers become dry at the roots, keep them well watered in spring and mulch established plants with compost or leaf mould.


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